The world’s first display designed for books and magazines is now square.
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Boox represents a brand new category in the universe of interior goods providing a wide range of display possibilities for books and magazines aimed not only for home but also for other spaces like offices, shops, libraries, museums, galleries, hotels, restaurants or bars. Its revolutionary suspension system through rubber balls can also be used to display other kind of flat objects such as vinyl albums, fabrics, drawings or printed photos.

Boox Square is a remarkable design evolution from the original rectangular Boox. This eye-catching new format with thicker acrylic and open sides brings new amazing features that enhance the possibilities of this unique display system.

This is how it works: 1 Place the content inside. 2 Pinch the balls behind it. 3 Hang it or stand it.
Simple and beautiful.

Boox Square Small
Boox Square - Small
Length 400 mm
Height 400 mm
Width 86 mm
Thickness 8 mm
Boox Square Medium
Boox Square - Medium
Length 505 mm
Height 505 mm
Width 86 mm
Thickness 8 mm
Boox Square Large
Boox Square - Large
Length 726 mm
Height 726 mm
Width 86 mm
Thickness 8 mm
Landscape or Portrait?
Boox Square is perfect for landscape formats
Boox Square is also perfect for portrait formats
Circle is square’s best friend
Boox Square with a vinyl disc
Boox Square with a traditional plate
Wide, wider...
Display broad content connecting two or more Boox side by side.
3 Boox Square holding an unfolded paper dragon
3 Boox Square holding an unfolded paper dragon